Smokey Treats

Smokey Treats are, but are not limited to, various spreads, sauces, pickles, cures, and preserves that may contain various levels of heat and smoke.  Everything is made from scratch and with love.  Contact me to place an order to be shipped or picked up locally in Austin, TX.  For $25 you can pick four items and have a 4oz sampler pack shipped to you or a loved one (within the continental U.S.).  I accept cash, Square, and PayPal.




Smoke-Dried Roma Tomatoes – $5/dozen

Smoked Onion Marmalade – $5/4oz jar

Smoked Red Bell Pepper Ketchup – $5/4oz jar, $8/8oz jar

Smoked Gold Bell Pepper Habanero Mustard – $6/4oz jar, $10/8oz jar

Smoked Mushrooms – $5/4oz bag

Smoked Eggplant Spread – $6/8oz jar


Garlic Habanero Cucumber (slices/chunks) $4/8oz jar, $7/16oz jar

Spicy Dill Green Beans: $4/8oz jar, $7/16oz jar

Three Chile Carrot Stars: $4/8oz jar, $7/16oz jar

Multi-Pepper Relish: $4/8oz jar, 7/16oz jar


Habanero Apricot Jelly: $5/4oz jar, $8/8oz jar

Red Pepper Garlic Jelly: $5/4oz jar, $8/8oz jar

Fiesta Multi-Pepper Jelly: $5/4oz jar, $8/8oz jar

Apple Bourbon Jam: $6/4oz jar, $10/8oz jar

Gin & Pineapple Juice Jam: $6/4oz jar, $10/8oz jar

Fig Port Jam: $6/4oz jar, $10/8oz jar


Smoked Tomato Marinara: $5/8oz jar

Sichuan Preserved Fresno Chiles: $6/4oz jar