04/11/15 – Forklift Danceworks – The Trees of Govalle – Govalle Park – Austin, TX

Forklift Danceworks - The Trees of Govalle
Saturday, April 11, 2015
8:00pm - All Ages Buy Tickets
5200 Bolm Road
Austin, TX, USA 78721
Other Info
I'll be performing with Graham Reynolds and Forklift Danceworks (don't worry, I'll be behind the drums) for their latest project, "The Trees of Govalle." From the Forklift Danceworks website:

"This newest dance is as much about the trees and the symbolic meaning they hold in our communities as it is about the city workers that show up at 6am every weekday morning to water, mulch, plant, prune, and care for the them. Working closely with these employees, Allison and Krissie will utilize the movement and finesse of the arborists and their machinery to create a dance highlighting the skill, commitment, and elegance that is needed to keep our city's green space healthy. During the dance, audience members will also learn about how to care for our urban forests, and we are planning for hands-on family-friendly activities to take place before the show and as audience members arrive. "

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